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How to Get the Best from Your Canvas Trailer Cover

Canvas trailer covers can offer numerous benefits for a long time if one knows the tricks and tips to use during the ownership period. This article discusses some of the measures that you can take in order to get maximum value from your new canvas trailer cover.

Pick a Bigger One

Canvas trailer covers can shrink over time. This attribute can make you to struggle to cover your trailer later on if you bought a cover that was measured precisely for the size of your trailer. It is therefore advisable to pick a cover that is a few inches larger than the one that would be an exact fit for your trailer. Those extra inches will make up for the shrinkage that will occur with time. Trailer straps can help you to still get a tight fit during that time when the canvas cover has not yet started shrinking.

Dry It Frequently

Mildew may grow on your canvas trailer cover if you leave that cover in a damp or wet location for a long time. You may then be compelled to dispose of that canvas trailer cover in order to avoid developing any health complications that could arise. You can avert this loss of the cover by putting it out in the sun to dry. Regular cleaning sessions can also get rid of any mildew before it is extensive.

Retreat It

You can get longer service from a canvas trailer cover by retreating it using a variety of solutions or chemicals in order to strengthen its abilities that were waning. For example, you can retreat it against UV radiation in order to ensure that its ability to resist damage caused by UV rays is renewed.

Fix Defects Quickly

Any damage, such as a tear, which you discover on the canvas trailer cover should be fixed promptly. Such damage can spread quickly if immediate action isn't taken to arrest the situation. Tears can be fixed by placing a patch on both sides of the damaged area so that the cover remains as strong as it was before it was damaged.

As you can see, user habits play a big role in determining the longevity of a canvas trailer cover. It is therefore prudent for you to gather as much information as you can if you are acquiring this type of accessory for the first time. That information will save you from making a mistake that may shorten the life of your new trailer cover.

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