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Answering a Few Questions About Outboard Engines

When you're ready to shop for a boat, you also need to shop for the right outboard engine to use with it, as the boat's engine is obviously just as important as the boat itself! The wrong choice of engine will mean a boat that is much slower than you expect, or a boat that actually tips and capsizes! To ensure you choose the best outboard engine for your boat, note a few commonly asked questions about this equipment, and then you can talk to a boat or engine dealer, such as a Yanmar engine sales person, as needed.


When choosing an engine, don't overlook its propeller, as the prop itself needs to be strong in order to actually push the boat through the water; if the propeller is small and lightweight, you might not get the speed and power from the engine that you expect. Steel propellers are stronger than aluminium, and more blades on the propeller can also mean more power.

One engine versus two

Having more than one engine on the back of a boat won't get you more power than just one engine with the same horsepower; you'll get no more than 300 horsepower from one 300hp engine or two 150hp engines, as an example. The real benefit of having two engines is that you can use one to get you back to shore if an engine should fail while you're on the water.

However, two engines also means having to haul both engines back and forth to the boat when needed, as well as two oil changes, two tune-ups, and the like. Carefully consider if you need that added safety of double engines, as a satellite phone and other such devices can ensure that you're easily found if you're ever stranded with a busted engine.

Size of engine

Every boat will have a recommended maximum size or power of engine; it's good to invest in this maximum recommended, so your boat doesn't lag or drag while on the water, and you achieve the speeds you want. However, you also don't want to go over this recommended maximum, as driving a fishing boat or party boat too fast can cause it to tip or spill, and you may even damage the hull or underside of the boat. An engine that's too large for a boat can also mean too much weight, so that the boat tips backward; this is also unsafe and slows down the boat, so only opt for an engine within that maximum recommended.

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